There’s a better way to manage your water rates.

WaterWorth™ offers the best of both worlds: an affordable web-based platform that lets you design your own rates, and expert support if and when you need it.

Brought to you by a team that has helped communities improve the sustainability of water services for over a decade.


The Power of WaterWorth™

Sustainable Communities

Water is the lifeblood of our cities. As a water service manager, you want to know that service delivery is financially and environmentally sustainable. You also want rates to be affordable and equitable for your residents and businesses, but these objectives are often competing.

What are your reasons for improving water utility rates? WaterWorth™ helps you find the right balance.

The Power of WaterWorth™

What is WaterWorth?

WaterWorth™ is a web-based tool that combines a decision-making system with access to expert support services. It’s a better way to develop water rates, bringing together the best of both worlds: tools to do-it-yourself and the ability to call on help when and if you need it.

WaterWorth™ helps you understand how your water rates are performing now, and how can you optimize them to meet your revenue, conservation or community goals.

The Power of WaterWorth™

Save Time & Money

WaterWorth™ helps you understand how changes to fees will impact revenue, demand, customer bills, and equity for water users. You can quickly and easily upload, link together and analyze your financial, billing and asset data.

Meet tight annual budgeting schedules and win over elected officials and the public by confidently demonstrating your long-term revenue needs and a detailed plan to meet your objectives. Rate reviews driven by WaterWorth™ are robust, intuitive, accessible and enjoyable.

WaterWorth™ is Easy to Use

How it Works

The WaterWorth™ experience revolves around a highly informative and intuitive story-telling dashboard that tells you how your water service will perform as you work through the model. Conduct on-the-fly scenario exploration of baseline water demand, infrastructure funding requirements, cost of service analysis and rate design. Our support team is always standing by and has the expertise to enhance models, tailor scenarios, or bolster your understanding of the data and analyses when needed.


Access the tool from anywhere at any time, including from your mobile device.


Easily add new billing and infrastructure data with our onboarding tool.


WaterWorth™ guides you through scenario analysis to help you explore revenue options, evaluate trade-offs and optimize rates.


Allow your colleagues in other departments to access the tool; communicate results with customized reports.

Stay Up-To-Date

Annual data updates allow you to stay on top of revenue needs and demand trends so rate reviews are easily done on an ongoing basis, improving rate stability.

Get Support

Access expert and technical support anytime you need it.

The Power of WaterWorth™

Better Analytics

WaterWorth™ is a web-based rate analysis software solution that combines an online decision-making platform with access to expert support services. It helps you ensure sufficient revenue, fair and affordable fees, and water conservation. Meet tight annual budgeting schedules. and win over elected officials and the public by confidently demonstrating your long-term revenue needs.

Fully Customizable

At the end of your annual review, WaterWorth™ enables you to select from over 80 supporting charts and outputs to create a customized annual report. It can be as long or as short as you want it to be. Share results on-screen, in the boardroom, in print, or export figures to your own corporate templates. Choose from standard commentary or insert your own analysis and insights based on your understanding of the local situation.

The Power of WaterWorth™

Help is Standing By

Our qualified team has been doing rates analysis and water sustainability planning with communities for over a decade. You can call on us whether you need basic technical support, or help answering complex questions about best practices in asset management, financial planning and rate design.

With WaterWorth™ you can develop deeper insights into how changes to rates will impact revenue, demand, customer satisfaction and equity in your community.

The Power of WaterWorth™

Passionate About Sustainability

Meet the dedicated leadership team that brings you WaterWorth™

Kirk Stinchcombe

Kirk Stinchcombe

Co-Founder, Director of Customer Engagement

Kirk has worked in the area of water management for over a decade, both from within governments and in advisory roles. He has an MBA, a Masters in Environmental Studies, and is a certified Project Management Professional. His mission is to improve the water sustainability of communities.

JP Joly

JP Joly

Co-Founder, Director of Customer Support

JP has a degree in computer engineering. For the past 15 years, he has been building models and providing expertise to help local governments with asset management, long term financial planning and utility rate setting.


Steve Graham

Chief Technical Officer

For over 20 years, as a chief architect with a Bachelor of Science, Steve contributes strategic vision, requirements analysis and implementation guidance to innovative technology companies.

Scott Bell

Scott Bell

Lead Developer

Scott has a top-of-his-class degree in computer science with a focus on data analytics. With an additional degree in economics, he adeptly oversees the synthesis of sustainability into the WaterWorth™ code base.

Mark Grambart

Mark Grambart

Business Advisor

Mark has experience in development, marketing, production and strategy. Mark has an MBA from IMD and an engineering degree from the University of Victoria.

Rebecca Mersereau

Rebecca Mersereau

Sustainability Specialist

Rebecca has a Masters in Water Resources Management and is a Registered Professional Biologist. She is passionate about water efficiency and sustainable management of water supplies.

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